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Retentus is designed to enable full access to the procedural site for use 
in the OR, cath lab and for wound care and wound exposure.  Gloved 
clinicians and technicians can quickly and efficiently apply the retractors.  
They provide repeatable, predictable and reliable retractions every time. 

Typical devices for positioning the pannis during procedures require 
manual pushing or compressing by the clinician or staff, and/or use of 
tape or other devices to lift and/or raise the tissue to remove it from 
the procedural site.   Once applied, Retentus retractors holds  
excess tissue securely and reliably throughout the entire procedure.  
Take a minute to view the application of GSquared Medical's latest Retentus retractor designed for anterior hip replacement and femoral access.  The HIPSTER is available for the left side retractor or the right side for patient positioning.
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Patients whose height/weight is in the orange on the  BMI chart above is a candidate during patient positioning.  

The ABBy is recommended for patients with BMIs from 28-50.  A larger size is being developed and should be available next year.  

For more information regarding traxi with Retentus technology for OB/GYN, please contact Clinical Innovations at 888- 268-6222 or CLICK HERE to go to their website.
Retentus  works for patient positioning
ABBy is the latest of the Retentus retractors.  The ABBy is for post-operative abdominal procedures the can be worn up to 10 days.  It is applied either in Recovery or on the floor.  It is gentle on the skin and can even wear be worn in the shower.  
Click on each of the pictures at the right 
for step-by-step instructions to apply or adjust the ABBy.