ABBy® and ABBy Plus® requires only one person to apply.  Patient needs to be supine as she manually retracts her panniculus to expose the incision site.  Using the umbilicus as a landmark, center the ABBy above the patient’s abdomen.  Apply lower edge directly to the dermis 3-5 cm above the incision, then gently pull cephalad to complete the retraction and smooth the entire device down to the skin.

Once the procedure has been completed, it is important to stabilize the panniculus in order to provide a better environment for healing and wound care.  The ABBy™ may be applied in the OR, Recovery, in the patient’s hospital room, or at home.

After removing the ABBy™ from the peel pack, place it fabric-side down and peel back the tabs to expose the silicone adhesive gel.

Ask the patient to grasp the panniculus with both hands and gently pull it up toward the chest.  When the patient has manually retracted the panniculus, center the ABBy™ (adhesive side to skin) about 3-5 cm above the incision.  Then gently apply to the skin by smoothing it down from side to side.  Holding the ABBy™ at the top edges while the patient releases her grasp on the panniculus, gently pull cephalad toward the head to get the retraction desired.  Smooth the entire device down to the skin, getting any wrinkles smoothed out.

If the retraction should yield, the patient should lay down, peel back the ABBy™ to just below the belly button, then gently pull it back up to reapply.  Taking it off completely will require someone to assist the patient to properly align the device.

If the ABBy™ gets soiled, it can be washed with a mild soap and water, then towel dried.

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