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"When using ABBy on Post Caesarean patients, we are able to cut back from opioids quickly with Motrin for pain management."

Tammy J.

Director of Learning & Development, Medical center in Indiana

After 14 months prior to using ABBy...

"My friend is now completely healed! We placed second ABBy on her on 6/27/18 and removed last night 7/5/18. She is completely healed and she is loving y'all so much for allowing her to use your product! We can't thank you enough! God bless you all!"

Christina M.

SRGT Adjunct/Lab Instructor, Texas

"We have minimized using NPWT and only use ABBy now.  It saves money and the patients are far more comfortable."

Lori W.

Director of Learning & Development, Hospital in Indiana

“Dr. had me put an ABBY on an abdominal wound that was 6” tall & 2 “ wide in the center of the belly. . . . The patient hated an abdominal binder & loved the ABBY as soon as he stood up with it on.”

Jan C.

FNP-C, CWOCN, CFCN, Minnesota

"The ABBy was easy to use and the patient was surprised how comfortable it was."

Terri W.

RN BSN, Medical center in Louisiana

“The ABBy has worked great for my sister. Her ostomy nurse is looking into purchasing it, as they have many bariatric home care patients that she feels your product would help. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Frances S.

RN, Medical center in Louisiana

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