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HIPster is patient positioning device that completely exposes the procedural site while preserving patient dignity because the process is quiet and subtle.  Using HIPster for femoral access positions the patient quickly, without muscle strain for the staff and will hold securely throughout the entire procedure, then removes quickly without leaving any residue.

It is possible and practical to position the device on the patient so that it retracts the desired tissueFor patient positioning, the application of this device requires two people, one on each side of the patient.

After removing the retractor from the peel pack, unfold the device. Notice the “Hold Here” tabs. These areas are used to position and manipulate the retractor during application. No adhesive will be exposed at these locations.

Position the device over the patient’s abdomen, proximate to the inguinal crease (right or left). Observe the solid line at the bottom of the retractor. Use this line as a guide to orient the device. The solid line should be parallel with the inguinal crease at the site of the procedure. The ˄shape centered between the B tabs should be positioned 5 cm directly above the anticipated puncture/incision. For procedures involving interventional radiology and/or cardiology, the solid line should be parallel to the inguinal crease and applied in, or slightly above, the inguinal crease.  While holding the retractor in position above the patient, hold the lower “Hold Here” tabs in tension. Remove the “A” panels by pulling the “A” tab in a downward direction away from the retractor to expose the adhesive, while discarding the paper backing.  Attach the exposed adhesive area of “A” panel to the patient’s abdomen, then smooth entire area to the patient’s skin.

Remove “B” panels by pulling downward and outward, toward you, while smoothing entire area to patient’s skin.  While applying pressure to Panels A & B, retro fold the device and remove panel “C” while grasping “Hold Here” tabs at the top of the retractor. (The exposed adhesive panel “C” should be held at an angle approximately 45° above the patient.)

While manually retracting A and B panels, bi-directionally pull both cephalad and cross-midline toward the opposite shoulder. Pull cephalad first; cross-midline second.  When the desired retraction is obtained, attach one section of the retractor to the patient at the xiphoid and the second section under the breast opposite the procedural site. Discontinue manually retracting A and B panels.  Because HIPster is a pressure-sensitive tape, it is important to completely smooth the entire retractor to the patient’s skin to get maximum tack.

To remove the HIPSTER when the procedure is finished, gently and slowly peel back the tape and walk the fingers down the skin behind the tape until completely removed.


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