With the average cost of re-admission for a Surgical Site Infection (SSI) or wound care complications at $25,000, ABBy® is a simple solution to a complicated and expensive problem.  ABBy can eliminate the need for more expensive devices such as PICO, PREVENA or other single use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) systems.  ABBy also reduces pain minimizing the need for pain medication or opiod dosing.  Many patients using ABBy report improved satisfaction for the institution optimizing reimbursement.  Download our SSI Cost Analysis Spreadsheet for your facility today to customize your own potential savings.

SSI (Surgical Site Infection) Potential Cost Savings Worksheet

Hospital Data
Current number of Transverse Abdominal Surgeries* annually500
Number of Reported SSI's last 12 months45
Current SSI rate per Surgical Procedure9%
Current price of each ABBy95.00
*Number of High BMI patients to utilize ABBy on175
Statistics & Assumptions
**Average cost per case of SSI25,000.00
Assumed reduction in SSI rate after Implementation of ABBy50%
Current number of SSI cases per year45
Expected number of SSI cases after Implementation of ABBy23
Current SSI Average Costs per year1,125,000.00
SSI Costs per year after Implementation of ABBy562,500.00
Cost of ABBy's used16,625.00
Total Savings with Implementation of ABBy545,875.00
SSI Cost Reduction (as a percentage)0.49

Retentus Patient Positioning and Wound Exposure devices are from GSquared Medical

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Instructions to use Cost Savings Worksheet tab

Data placed in the green boxes of the worksheet uses some example numbers (like # of Surgeries annually, etc.).
Transverse Abdominal Surgeries* includes Caeserians, Hysterectomies, Colon Resections, etc.
Fill in the green shaded boxes for your Institution’s actual data or averages.

The “Number of High BMI patients to utilize ABBy on” comes from reference below.
You may use this State Average of 35% or put in your own %age in the formula.

The Blue Boxes are assumptions also pulled from denoted references below.
You may use the Average Cost per SSI or put in your own Institutions number.
Example uses a smaller amount than the referenced data below (to be very conservative).
(The Assumed reduction rate is again a very conservative number. Most Hospitals are reporting much higher reduction rates).


*Number of High BMI patients… “Prevalence of Self-Reported Obesity Among US Adults by State and Territory”

**Cost per SSI – Quick Facts – October 2018 – Surgical Wound Management Copyright@2019 WoundSource & Kestrel Health
Information, Inc. (Quoted at $35,000)

Quote from an actual user:

“Of the over 150 patients who wore ABBy postpartum, we have not had one reported case of an SSI”
T. Jerz, MSN.RN, SANE-A as Manager of L&D, Postpartum and Nursery at a Joint Commission Perinatal
Certified Hospital in Michigan.
T. Jerz is a willing reference to be called upon appointment. Please speak with your rep.

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