Surgeons and Interventionalists prefer the HIPster® panniculus retractor for patient positioning because, rather than manually manipulating the adipose during the procedure or taking precious time to tape the adipose in a retracted position, HIPster provides the clinician with a repeatable, predictable and reliable retraction that applies to the patient in seconds. It completely exposes the procedural site, reduces the distance to the target, protects the patient’s dermis, and will not migrate or tear. When the procedure is finished, it removes quickly without residue.

Physicians and other clinicians prefer the ABBy® post-op because it is so effective in suspending the panniculus above the incision after a c-section or hysterectomy without harm to the skin. The use of post-op pain medications can be reduced as most patients report an immediate reduction in incisional pain when the ABBy® is applied. ABBy improves patient satisfaction.

Clinicians and patients alike appreciate the DermaHug™ for wound care because the silicone gel adhesive is so gentle to the skin. Its tissue stabilizing effect diminishes movement of incision or wound and minimizes mechanical stress on the wound and wound margins. DermaHug provides better outcomes. 

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